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Have you had a complaint filed against you with the Board of Medical Examiners, or have you received a letter from a carrier or the Attorney General alleging Medicare or Medicaid overpayment in Nevada?

Receiving an "official" letter from a government agency is disconcerting and alarming. Frequently, our clients wish to "come clean" and explain without the aid and assistance of counsel. These instincts are not your best ally as important rights and defenses may be waived if you respond without the assistance of counsel. We help represent doctors, nurses and medical professionals throughout Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. Speaking with one of our experienced Las Vegas attorneys about your health care law legal matter can help. Call us today at 702-800-6994.

Investigations by the Board of Medical Examiners impact your medical license and should be carefully navigated especially if you practice in Nevada. The investigation can often be resolved at the investigation stage but if you need to attend a hearing before the Board of Medical Examiners, representation by knowledgeable and experienced counsel who knows the laws in Las Vegas is vital.

Inquiries and investigations by CMS for Medicare overbilling or fraud and abuse requires knowledge of the full panoply of defenses and potential penalties. These statutes can lead to Medicare and Medicaid exclusion, criminal jail time and financial penalties involving hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

May I represent myself?

Of course, but that's not the question. Should you? No. Investigators are not looking after your best interests and only presenting the facts in a light most favorable to you will render the best resolution. We have experience with health care law in Las Vegas and can help you.

How do I structure employment agreements or "compensation arrangements" under Stark Law or the Anti-Kickback Law?

Generally, employment agreements must be in writing for a duration of a year or more and may not take into the value of referrals of Medicare reimbursed services. The definitions and exceptions are complex are require a sophisticated analysis. Do not attempt to simply take a template to engage your physician employees.

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