Eminent Domain FAQs

Can the government take my land to construct roads, build a school or provide parking for the new football stadium?

As the population of Nevada continues to grow...state, county and municipal governments struggle to keep pace. Whether it is setting aside land for a new park, extending utilities to expanding residential developments or planning for parking for the massive new football stadium, conflicts between private land owners and government management through zoning and infrastructure considerations cannot be avoided.

When a state or local governmental entity proposes to condemn privately owned land in favor of a "public use" project, just compensation is certain to be an issue. Depriving a landowner of the benefits of ownership calls into question the protections of both the United States and Nevada Constitutions. Constitutionally, private property shall not be taken for pubic use without the payment of just compensation.

Can the government be stopped from condemning my land?

Private property owners can become parties to eminent domain proceedings when the government needs private property for a highway, water line or other infrastructure designed to benefit the public at large.

Our law firm has helped private property owners in such condemnation litigation actions. Our clients have questioned the constitutionality of government land grabs without offering a fair and just compensation. Our eminent domain lawyers have the expertise and understanding to protect the value of your real property. We know what the government may and may not do when attempting to deprive our client landowners of the benefit of private ownership. Our clients can rest assured the government will be forced to properly follow constitutional and statutory requirements in any attempt to acquire of private property.

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