Eminent Domain

How does the government acquire my property?

The State of Nevada will negotiate and attempt to buy private property like any other potential buyer. Be advised the government, like any other buyer of real estate, will attempt to buy your property at the lowest possible price. If you believe your property is worth more than the State is offering, the State of Nevada will likely begin an eminent domain proceeding. Eminent domain is the legal process which has been established when the state of Nevada or of municipal government believes a new road or new school or new park serves a higher "public use" of the property in question. The State will initiate a lawsuit to take your property. Such a lawsuit will not impact your credit rating, nor will it allege you have done anything wrong.

Can I stop the government from taking my property in the eminent domain lawsuit?

The government is required to show a real public necessity or valid public purpose. If condemning your residence for a new public school or road-widening project does not meet these tests, the government can be stopped from taking your property.

What if the 'public use' test is met, but the government doesn't offer a fair price for my property?

A fair market value of your property will be addressed during the eminent domain proceeding. The issue of just compensation will not stop the taking. If it is reasonable that someone would buy your property for more than the government is offering and a court ordered appraisal justifies a higher value, the court will decide the issue of fair and just compensation based on those considerations.

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