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What do I do if I wish to acquire or join forces with another company in Las Vegas?

  • If you've come this far, one might assume you've already had some preliminary discussions with the owner of another company or firm. You've made some preliminary business evaluations regarding the viability of the other company and believe it will enhance your current business. This is true for small businesses as well as the largest multi-national businesses. The sophistication of issues is usually not that much different, just the numbers of assets and resources available to evaluate and to assess the taking or joining with a new business.

Have you identified your team for evaluation and transition? You will need accounting, legal and human resources assistance. Who is part of your team?

  • You will need to verify assets, contracts, licenses, banking systems, cash flow and debt, if any.
  • You will need to evaluate potential liabilities and exposure to specific issues and these require the assistance of your legal, financial and accounting team members.

What do I do once I've identified my team?

  • You should prepare a preliminary outline of issues for your new acquisition or partner in the form of a letter of intent. This will help to refine the issues for discovery and due diligence. During the period of due diligence your team will examine the prospect to refine the arrangement to avoid as many problems or misunderstandings as possible.

After the Letter of Intent, what do I do?

  • Your team will help you determine if the deal can achieve your objectives, and you should be able to close the deal. Sometimes, not doing the deal is your best option and you should be willing to walk away from a deal if it isn't in your best interests.

What do I do post closings?

  • You should continue to monitory covenants and performance objectives to ensure the parties have performed as promised because time frames for correcting inaccuracies are short and only remedied if addressed as soon as possible.

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